Artist Bio

Cristal Tucker is an Artist based out of Chicago, Illinois. She received her B.A. at Carthage College, majoring in both Studio Art and Spanish and minoring in Art History to top it all off. She explored many mediums ranging from sculpture to sewing, until finding her true passion: printmaking. She started her obsessive printing journey with Lithography, then realized that it is one of the hardest and most expensive print methods to produce on a broke, college student budget. Since then she has done relief, silkscreen, and her newest printing disease: letterpress.  

Cristal’s studio is located in her kitchen, close to the refrigerator (filled with food, beer, and water). Thankfully her fiance, Evan, is “totally cool” with all of her printing supplies scattered about and does not mind the ink stains in the bathtub. Her dog, Lucy, hates the squeaky sound of her Kelsey 3 X 5 but she is more than happy to keep her human mom company.

When Cristal is not creating a printing mess in her studio, she enjoys performing with her improv group, “Garbage People”, and doing stand-up comedy at local bars in Logan Square. She knows that at times people are laughing at her, not with her; but as long as someone is laughing, nothing matters. Cristal is currently the print shop manager AKA the "press lady" for All Star Press located in Logan Square, Chicago. She is hoping to one day finally apply to Graduate School and become a college professor, but until then, she keeps pressing on.